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Colorado House GOP » Your Representatives » Spencer Swalm, HD 37 (Centennial)

Spencer Swalm, HD 37 (Centennial)

Spencer SwalmSpencer Swalm is the state Representative for House District 37 in the City of Centennial.


Rep. Swalm was elected to the House in 2006 and serves on both the House Finance Committee and the House Health, Insurance, & Environment Committee.


A longtime champion for affordable health insurance, Rep. Swalm was recognized by the Colorado chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) for his tireless work in providing affordable insurance to small businesses in Colorado.


In his first two years at the state legislature, Rep. Swalm fought hard to protect children and seniors, and worked to reform health care. He sponsored legislation to provide meaningful alternatives for some of Colorado’s most vulnerable kids — special-needs children — with tuition assistance at private providers so their parents can choose the kinds of programs that best address their unique challenges.


Taking on the issue of health care, Rep. Swalm sponsored legislation to provide a low-cost option for Colorado’s uninsured by creating a benefit plan with basic coverage for a low monthly premium.


In addition, Swalm passed legislation to keep our children safer as they surf the internet. He successfully passed a law to require that sexual predators, especially those who lure children using the internet, provide e-mail addresses, instant-messaging identities, and chat-room identities to local law enforcement agencies when registering as a sexual predator.


Rep. Swalm fought for Colorado’s seniors by passing legislation to allow those seniors who have long-term care insurance policies to qualify for Medicaid when that policy is expended. He also was recognized for his work in health care by the Colorado Ambulatory Surgery Center Association, which named him 2008 Legislator of the year.


Most recently, in the 2011 legislative session, Rep. Swalm passed legislation that cuts red tape and lowers costs for health clinics across the state. He also brought forward a resolution calling on Congress to balance the budget and introduced a bill to end the onerous “crash tax,” that would have prevented urban cities from charging fees to non-residents for responding to an accident.


When the legislature is not in session, Rep. Swalm assists small business owners in providing affordable health insurance benefits to their employees as a representative with The Wright Group. Before that, he practiced law for 10 years specializing in estate planning.


Rep. Swalm earned a bachelor’s degree at CU Boulder and his law degree from the University of Denver. He is married to Marleen Swalm, a registered nurse at Saint Joseph Hospital. They have three children in (or graduated from) Cherry Creek Schools.


Office Location: 200 East Colfax Ave. Rm. 271, Denver, CO 80203
Capitol Phone: (303)866-5510


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